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03:01pm 10/06/2005
mood: ...fake
THIS GROUP IS DEAD... there needs to be some... action ok... just to see if yall are alive... name: 3 great guitarists, 2 great frontmen, and the best band ever....
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08:08pm 14/05/2005
mood: fine
there needs to be more stuff written here but yea anyways... man welcome. you like slipknot? they are ok (and you shouldnt get in trouble fer talkin bout them, they are metal and this is a metal community) but yea they are ok i just dont like the masks and how there are nine guys thats just excessive... but man you listen to 3 Inches Of Blood? i just found them and they kickass so man giv ethem a listen they're like old school metal (high pitched screams and everything man..) well yea just WELCOME!
I am number 10 
03:21pm 05/04/2005
  Looks like you guys need help getting started eh?
I'm Tony *Hi Tony*
And I have a problem.. *How can we help you Tony?*
Heh, sorry. So, needless to say, I'm Tony.
I'm what...21 years old now? Damn.
Basically, I've been listening to metal *or SOME form of hard music* since I was....I'd say 12. Somewhere around there. Basically I started with *metal*, when I started listening to KoRn. It was the closest thing to metal that I knew at the time, so it worked. I can't exactly remember how I got to what I listen to now. But I listen to a LOT of "Black Metal". I put that in quotes, because I don't know what black metal is anymore. Too many people telling each other that, "Oh, *some band* isn't black metal dude! They suck!", or some other shit like that. But a little listing of what I listen to:

*Sorry..gotta put them here* SlipKnoT. I've alway liked them, but I can refrain from speaking of them, if it pleases the Mod. I can't stand KoRn anymore, but back to my point. SlipKnoT, Panzerchrist, Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Satyricon, Marduk, Borknagar, Dream Evil, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Alice in Chains, Meshuggah, MuDvAyNe, Opeth, Sevendust, Arch Enemy, Soulfly, Sepultura, Static-X, Strapping Young Lad, and OTEP.
Clearly that is NOT all I listen to, but a small listing. It's steadily growing, which is good.
Favorite album(s): "Leviathan" by Mastodon. HAS to be the best album of last year, hands down. Absolutely perfect. One of what...2 albums I can listen to all the way through, and not skip any songs. Brilliant! The other would have to be ... ah hell..It's hard to think of another one. Oh, yes. Lamb of God's "Ashes of the Wake". Great. 'Nough said.
That's about it for me. I hope this community livens up a bit. Seems you have been silent for quite some time..?
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well god damn ....... 
12:51pm 22/02/2005
mood: cold
please anyone with the sense of style save this comunity.......anyone want to join can join mods needed badly
and people please promote this comunity

in time it will be big as fuck but still its a liitle weak now

but anyways some band news and shit

my friend tony and i are going to the motley crue reunion tour on the 13 then were gonna see black label society on the thrird of may then nightwish is coming the week befor so im gonna have a badass time there btw people if you want to see some badass videos check out type o negatives vids on yahoo just go to yahoo then click videos then put type o negative and then click the picture of any video my personal favorites are well, all of them exept christain woman edited

but the best is everything dies

heres the lyrics so check out the vid!!!!!!!!

Well i loved my aunt
but she died
And my uncle Lou,
Then he died
I'm searching for
something which can't
be found, but i'm hoping
I still dream of dad
though he died

Everythig dies

My ma's so sick,
she might die
Though my girls quite fit,
she will die
Still looking for someone
who was around,
barely coping
Now i hate myself,
wish i'd die

No, why? Oh God I miss you
No, why? Oh God I miss you
I really miss you

this is my song for the week(mine all mine)
kewl a new post 
03:09pm 01/02/2005
mood: discontent
Pantera _or_ Super Joint Ritual: PANTERA
Tool_ or_ A Perfect Circle: TOOL
Cradle of Filth_ or_ Mayhem: COF
Kittie_ or _Otep: old kittie
Mteallica_ or_ Megadeth: megadeth
Nirvana _or_ Alice in Chains: AIC
Black Sabbath_ or_ Ozzy: sabbathe all the way
G-n-R_ or_ Velvet Revolver: VELVET REVOLVER
Judas Priest_ or- Iron Maiden: IRON MAIDEN
S.O.D._ or_ Anthrax: anthrax
Soundgarden_ or_ Audioslave:soungarden
Slipknot_ or_ Mudvayne: fuck slipknot and mudvayne.....well at least new mudvayne old shit is the best stuff ive ever heard
Korn_ or_ Type O Negative: type o negative hands down
the Scorpions_ or_ Rammstein: RAMMSTEIN

and some other good bands to check out

media lab
in flames
and stabbing westward
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well geese do i have to post first befor everyone else does.......???j/k 
01:58pm 12/01/2005
mood: bouncy
well do seems liek ages since i posted last

but anysho ya io checked the type o negative site just receantly and it was sooo fucking sad yet just plain toching to hear
john kelly fucking pour his heart out about dimebags death
i mean he knew the guy as a brother and even toured with pantera but alas the good are taken and the rest are left behind
well later people if ou want more on type o negative go to

06:57pm 26/12/2004
mood: cold

hey im new to livejournal and i need some fucking friends
anyone who likes pantera, slipknot, metallica and all the real metal bands add me
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01:53am 25/12/2004
  i have not really ever listened to alot of pantera but even i know that Dimebag Darell was one of the best friggin guitarists ever man but now that im listenin to pantera and all that it just really sucks about that man... but we still have his music so its not a total loss....  
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12:05pm 10/12/2004
mood: depressed
hey guys
check my comunity for my tribute enrty to dimebag derrell
god im so sad
why why why why why why.............................................
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hey everyone 
03:26pm 29/11/2004
mood: im ingaged, yay!!!!!
this may not be about metal but i dont fucking care

guess what?

later all\m/

READ MORE ON MY LJ: freakonegative
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hey everyone 
03:21pm 29/11/2004
mood: im ingaged, yay!!!!!
this may not be about metal but i dont fucking care

guess what?

later all\m/
08:21am 26/11/2004
mood: excited
Hey all. Since no ones been posting guess I will. Im happy because My grandmother wants to buy me concert tickets for me and some friends for my Birthday. So Im gonna do some research and find the most kick-ass concert in my area.hell yeah! And damn...we'll get drunk and shit while we're there too. Im excited. I have to decide who to bring. But Im gonna feel bad about the people I dont decide to bring. But honestly, Im gonna bring whoever im gonna have the most fun with. It doesnt have to do with who I care about the most...so Imm gonna bring the people I know will party the most =). Laura of course. And Im sure she'll know from there. But she might not be able to come...she had her court case the other day and now she's on probation I think curfew and all. So Ill have to see when i talk to her on monday. But no matter what Im gonna have a good time. Because Ive been through a lot of shit lately and I NEED IT! I'll update and tell you all how it goes! wish me luck!lol.
I Just smile-In the Darkness..
11:18am 19/11/2004
  mehe this comunity is hard to keep up but im with it all the way
al though new members are encouraged to post like
blobofchit or whatver there mane is
well later people im done bitching
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03:14pm 15/11/2004
mood: hyper
sorry for the no update in a while people ..................crazy shit in my life man...................i just got word of an oficial practice tomarrow............band members as of now:tony(drums),jack D(aneils)(bass),bryan(guitar),me (baritone guitar), and joey (keyboards), no singer though........but fuck that.........ya were not playing any cover shit were goin strait into our own shit tomarrow................so ya and...........well fuck not much else ..........ummm later people
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11:55am 08/11/2004
  Coal Chamber - self-titled
You are COAL CHAMBER, CC's 1st ever album. Yes, it
was really released in 1994, but since the band
didn't get signed until 3 years later, no one
saw the album until 1997.

Which Coal Chamber Album Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Making a deadly effort not to be defeated 
08:02pm 05/11/2004
mood: apathetic
Hey. whatz down? Im insanely excited about that Cynder thing Slapknut. I finally got the chance to watch it and I didn't even realize how excited I would get. I haven't even known about them as long as you have. And Im excited. THEYD BETTER WIN GODDAMMIT!lol...I think they have a good chance. That one chick really doesn't fit though. the blonde who wearz the preppy clothez. And that other girlz kinda hot. Yeah okay so since you dont know me freakonegative I'll tell you a little about me. Slapknutz my sister and she knowz me real well. lol. Almost too well maybe. but I love her. Anyway, here goez. Um Im weird. If you think you're a freak...(hahahaha....) lol. Im a lesbian, Im a vegitarian, Im kinda Goth-y I guess you'd say. I wear DIY clothez. I dont like buying from storez. I get shit from thrift shopz and shit. they have the best shit you'd never expect. And I always customize it or mezz w/it in some way. So basically Im trash in the eyez of everyone but my friendz. My equivelentz. The other people who just dont give a shit. Letz see...what else...I laugh a lot. A lot. Because everyone who I hang out with iz alwayz straight faced and it bugz the shit out of me. Ill do fuckin anything to avoid conformity. HELL YEAH! I barely take anything seriously anymore because Ive just stopped caring. Im really sarcastic and I can be a real bitch because Ill tell you what I think like it our not. Oh well. And Im selfish. I am. Itz pretty much alwayz about me and I dont give a shit about anyone else unlezz I really care about them. Like slapknut, Laura, and a few other friendz. Which by the way Im gonna tell my boy Nick about thiz club. His LJ is sicknick16 and he kickz azz. I used to date him when I was still bi. But I dont like guyz. (sorry dudez) right...as if anyone wantz me...:) Anyway yeah... I talk a lot of shit too. If you look at me the wrong way I might start cussin you out. If I dont like you, you'll know. Im really preverted to..Im kinky and Im pretty much alwayz horny. It doesnt help when my girl iz the same way. Im into S+M though and she really isnt. Letz see...my worst qualitiez...Im depressing sometimez...and Im a theif. Im a little theif, for real. Itz the shit too cuz I alwayz get away with it. But I only steal from storez and people I dont like. My fav. bandz are on my user info page. I like russian rock too. Itz really good. Anything else you wanna know just ask. I might tell you. Might not if itz none of your bussinezz. Lol. Just messin. Anyway Im gonna let you go. See ya.
Lifez journy iz not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sidewayz, totally worn out going HOLY SHIT WHAT A RIDE!
Learn the rulez. THEN BREAK THEM!
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well some band news 
09:52am 04/11/2004
mood: awake
today im fuckin stoked im gonna get a ticket and a ride to the Korn concert at the fiar grounds later in december ......and me and my drummer tony are putting together a new band for ourselves ...........ya were keeping me him and bryan as the origional members and im on baritione + 12 string doulbe neck guitar, tony drums, bryan lead rythym guitar, a new guy on bass we call him Jack Daniels, and a new keyboardist who is suppost to be so bad ass.........he is so fuckin quick on keyboards its like the guy from cradle of filth times 2 .....its sick really........well yesterday got done watchin tony's mudvayne dvd all access to all things its so kewl .....fuckin ryan martini super glues his fingers befor every show and fuckin chad hates touring heh i dont blame him.......well kittie is also coming on the 25 so ya another bad ass show ......the only problem is i dont want them to play off the new album just the old shit off of Spit and especially Oracle........and it pisses me of that they got rid of talena and falon bothe the hottest chicks ive ever seen way the fuck better than the replacements they have now well wnough bitchin about that ......later \m/
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well finally another member fuck ya im stoked 
11:12am 02/11/2004
mood: fuckin happy smiles :P
so kewl someone else joined i still need more people but ya now if only i can get daryl to join and he gets people to join oh well ...................ill update on some band shit later ...................
fuck the first post 
11:51am 29/10/2004
mood: metal (emotion?)
sorry people just join and make this place thrive and bleed metal ..........i manage this place and my LJ is freakonegative so lets chat somethime................its all about the real metal ...post band faves. band info anything on metal bands..............just join and teel everyone about this comunity...........later
hey guys 
03:36pm 19/10/2004
  daryl, tony ,whover else hey this community is for you guys try and find more female metalists for yourselves and we'll keep this comunity goin ill manage of course so well later .........  
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