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well god damn .......

please anyone with the sense of style save this comunity.......anyone want to join can join mods needed badly
and people please promote this comunity

in time it will be big as fuck but still its a liitle weak now

but anyways some band news and shit

my friend tony and i are going to the motley crue reunion tour on the 13 then were gonna see black label society on the thrird of may then nightwish is coming the week befor so im gonna have a badass time there btw people if you want to see some badass videos check out type o negatives vids on yahoo just go to yahoo then click videos then put type o negative and then click the picture of any video my personal favorites are well, all of them exept christain woman edited

but the best is everything dies

heres the lyrics so check out the vid!!!!!!!!

Well i loved my aunt
but she died
And my uncle Lou,
Then he died
I'm searching for
something which can't
be found, but i'm hoping
I still dream of dad
though he died

Everythig dies

My ma's so sick,
she might die
Though my girls quite fit,
she will die
Still looking for someone
who was around,
barely coping
Now i hate myself,
wish i'd die

No, why? Oh God I miss you
No, why? Oh God I miss you
I really miss you

this is my song for the week(mine all mine)
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