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Making a deadly effort not to be defeated

Hey. whatz down? Im insanely excited about that Cynder thing Slapknut. I finally got the chance to watch it and I didn't even realize how excited I would get. I haven't even known about them as long as you have. And Im excited. THEYD BETTER WIN GODDAMMIT!lol...I think they have a good chance. That one chick really doesn't fit though. the blonde who wearz the preppy clothez. And that other girlz kinda hot. Yeah okay so since you dont know me freakonegative I'll tell you a little about me. Slapknutz my sister and she knowz me real well. lol. Almost too well maybe. but I love her. Anyway, here goez. Um Im weird. If you think you're a freak...(hahahaha....) lol. Im a lesbian, Im a vegitarian, Im kinda Goth-y I guess you'd say. I wear DIY clothez. I dont like buying from storez. I get shit from thrift shopz and shit. they have the best shit you'd never expect. And I always customize it or mezz w/it in some way. So basically Im trash in the eyez of everyone but my friendz. My equivelentz. The other people who just dont give a shit. Letz see...what else...I laugh a lot. A lot. Because everyone who I hang out with iz alwayz straight faced and it bugz the shit out of me. Ill do fuckin anything to avoid conformity. HELL YEAH! I barely take anything seriously anymore because Ive just stopped caring. Im really sarcastic and I can be a real bitch because Ill tell you what I think like it our not. Oh well. And Im selfish. I am. Itz pretty much alwayz about me and I dont give a shit about anyone else unlezz I really care about them. Like slapknut, Laura, and a few other friendz. Which by the way Im gonna tell my boy Nick about thiz club. His LJ is sicknick16 and he kickz azz. I used to date him when I was still bi. But I dont like guyz. (sorry dudez) if anyone wantz me...:) Anyway yeah... I talk a lot of shit too. If you look at me the wrong way I might start cussin you out. If I dont like you, you'll know. Im really preverted to..Im kinky and Im pretty much alwayz horny. It doesnt help when my girl iz the same way. Im into S+M though and she really isnt. Letz worst qualitiez...Im depressing sometimez...and Im a theif. Im a little theif, for real. Itz the shit too cuz I alwayz get away with it. But I only steal from storez and people I dont like. My fav. bandz are on my user info page. I like russian rock too. Itz really good. Anything else you wanna know just ask. I might tell you. Might not if itz none of your bussinezz. Lol. Just messin. Anyway Im gonna let you go. See ya.
Lifez journy iz not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sidewayz, totally worn out going HOLY SHIT WHAT A RIDE!
Learn the rulez. THEN BREAK THEM!
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