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well some band news

today im fuckin stoked im gonna get a ticket and a ride to the Korn concert at the fiar grounds later in december ......and me and my drummer tony are putting together a new band for ourselves ...........ya were keeping me him and bryan as the origional members and im on baritione + 12 string doulbe neck guitar, tony drums, bryan lead rythym guitar, a new guy on bass we call him Jack Daniels, and a new keyboardist who is suppost to be so bad ass.........he is so fuckin quick on keyboards its like the guy from cradle of filth times 2 .....its sick really........well yesterday got done watchin tony's mudvayne dvd all access to all things its so kewl .....fuckin ryan martini super glues his fingers befor every show and fuckin chad hates touring heh i dont blame him.......well kittie is also coming on the 25 so ya another bad ass show ......the only problem is i dont want them to play off the new album just the old shit off of Spit and especially Oracle........and it pisses me of that they got rid of talena and falon bothe the hottest chicks ive ever seen way the fuck better than the replacements they have now well wnough bitchin about that ......later \m/
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